Grinding Mills For Sale


Grinding Mills For Sale Grinding mill is a tool that is designed to break a solid material into smaller pieces. There are many different

grinding mill for sale

Grinding Mills For Sale

Grinding mill is a tool that is designed to break a solid material into smaller pieces. There are many different types of grinding mills for sale and many types of materials processed in them.


An improved vertical grinding mill is proposed which comprises a shell, a vertical screw shaft rotatably mounted in the shell, a classifying means, a drive for the screw shaft, and means for forming a current of fluid for taking fine particles out of the shell. The inlet for the fluid is provided in the center of the bottom of the shell directly under the screw shaft. The fluid is uniformly distributed in all directions, carrying up the pulverized fine particles.

Vertical grinding mill comprising a shell for containing material to be pulverized and grinding medium; material inlet means for supplying material to be pulverized into the upper portion of said shell; a vertical screw shaft rotatably mounted in said shell and extending through a top wall of said shell; means connected to said screw shaft for driving said screw shaft to agitate the material and the grinding medium and pulverize the material into the fine particles;
classifying means at the top of said shell for collecting the fine particles; fine-particle-containing fluid outlet means for discharging fine particles and fluid from an upper portion of said shell; fluid inlet means provided substantially in the center of the bottom of said shell for supplying fluid into the lower portion of said shell; means for forming a fluid current for taking the fine particles out of the shell through said fine-particle-containing outlet means; and said fluid inlet means and said fluid current forming means directing the fluid substantially upwardly within said shell, moving the fine particles toward the upper portion of said shell, and in a direction substantially opposite to the initial direction of the material supplied by said material inlet means.

Liner for grinding mills

Liners for grinding mills having alternating bars of alloy steel and strips of an elastomer, such as rubber, bonded together and to a backing plate which is sufficiently flexible that the liner may be manufactured flat, but drawn against an arcuate portion of the cylindrical side wall of the mill by attaching bolts. Converging slots formed in the center bar of the liner are engaged by bolt heads having converging sides.

For a ball mill, the bars of each liner are of the same height and the strips are of the same height, with the bars initially slightly higher than the strips. The liners are installed so that the bars and strips extend longitudinally of the mill, the effect of the balls and material being ground being to produce a corrugated or ripple wave surface on each liner which provides a lifting effect to the grinding media and causes the balls to bounce or oscillate.

For rod mills, each liner has several center bars and strips of a greater height, with a series of one bar and one strip of successively lesser heights on each side of the center bars and strips. Wear during use produces not only a ripple wave contour of the bars and strips but also a higher portion of the liner toward the direction of rotation from the initial highest portion, which accentuates the lifting effect on the grinding media. A liner for a segment of the end wall of the mill includes alternating bars and strips of alloy steel and rubber, with the center bar being disposed along a radius of the end wall and the remaining bars and strips parallel thereto.

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